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Project Description

Application: For use as a signal wire connecting amplifier and speakers in an audio system..

Jacket: A variety of colors transparent PVC & Colored PVC

Jacket colour:  Red and Black, Clear, Yellow, Blue, etc or according to customer’s request

Standard: AWG or according to customer’


Rated Voltage: Low

Red and black speaker cable CU,CCA conductor, any specification and color could customize, 100meters / plastic spool packing

1)Conductor: Tin copper,bare copper,cooper clad steel or CCA

2)Insulation: PVC-flame proof

3)Cable core: 2C, 4C, 6C, 8C, 10C

4)Shield: Single or double bonded aluminum foil. Unbonded aluminum foil, aluminum tape screen

5)Jacket: PVC

6)Standard packing: 100m/roll or as per requirement

Resistance Unbalance:<2.5%

Insulation Resistance:>3000Mohms-km

Mutual Capacitance:<100nF/[email protected]


Conductor tensil strength:>245Mpa

Conductor Resistance:<125ohms/km


Model Section MM2 OD
10GA X2C 5.26MM2 5.5X11.0MM
12GA X2C 3.31MM2 4.5X9.0MM
14GA X2C 2.08MM2 3.5X7.0MM
16GA X2C 1.31MM2 3.0X6.0MM
18GA X2C 0.823MM2 2.5X5.0MM
20GA X2C 0.519MM2 2.2X4.4MM
22GA X2C 0.324MM2 2.0X4.0MM
24GA X2C 0.205MM2 1.8X3.6MM
0.5MM2  x2c 0.50MM2 2.4X4.8MM
0.75MM2x2c 0.75MM2 2.5X5.0MM
1.0MM2 x2c 1.0MM2 2.8X5.6MM
1.5MM2x2c 1.5MM2 3.2X6.4MM
2.0MM2x2c 2.0MM2 3.8X7.6MM
2.5MM x2c 2.5MM2 4.2X8.4MM
 4.0MM2 x2c 4.0MM2 5.0X10.0MM
6.0MM2 x2c 6.0MM2 5.5X11.0MM