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Project Description

RG6 Siamese coaxial plus power cable consists of 2 cables side by side.

The first cable is a standard RG6 coaxial cable with a pure copper center conductor.

It is protected from interference by a braided shield with 95% coverage.

The second cable is made up of 2 – 18AWG power wires. These are both pure copper, and are insulated separately with red and black jackets.

RG6 Siamese cable with 18/2 power is intended for use with surveillance cameras that require BNC video and DC power.


Product Features

    • Double shield
    • 95% Braid

ONNOR’s newest RG 6 cable now includes the highest percentage braid on the market (95%). Putting that together with a bonded foil shield ensures that this product will outperform quad shielded RG 6 cable.

  • Rated for 75 ohms
  • CCS Center Core
  • Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Wood Spool for Easy Installation
Characteristic Impedance 75±3Ohm
Capacitance 52±1pF/m
Velocity >82%
Conductor & Dielectric To stick (kgt/m  1m/min) 2.55kgf (10.2kgf/m)
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(20℃)
Frequence (at 20℃) Max.Attenuation
5MHz 1.90dB/100m
55MHz 5.30dB/100m
211MHz 10.0dB/100m
270MHz 11.0dB/100m
300MHz 11.60dB/100m
330MHz 12.30dB/100m
400MHz 13.60dB/100m
450MHz 14.40dB/100m
550MHz 16.20dB/100m
750MHz 19.00dB/100m
870MHz 20.60dB/100m
1000MHz 21.49dB/100m