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Project Description

Quick Details:


  • Flooding compound coaxial cable
  • 18AWG CCS
  • Clear polyethylene insulation
  • Bonded alumium tape
  • Tri-shield
  • Jelly or flooding compound
  • UL standard PVC jacket



Product description:

Dielectric core is insulating grade virgin polyethylene.Inner conductor is bare solid copper. The 1st shield is bonded laminated aluminum tape, the second shield is 65% aluminum wire braid; jelly or flooded compound is added before outer jacket extrusion. Outer jacket is UL standard PVC.



RG6 cable is used as a distribution cable for indoor CATV, CCTV systems and as a connection cable for satellite systems where lower attenuation required.



Center conductor:

18AWG copper clad steel

Nominal diameter: 0.0403″(1.02mm)±0.01(0.0004)



Gas expanded polyethylene

Nominal diameter over dielectric: 0.18″(4.57mm)



1st shield: bonded aluminum tape.

2nd shield: 0.15 aluminum braid wire, 4ends x16 carry, pitch 25mm, 60% coverage.

3rd shield: normal aluminum foil.

Jelly or flooded compound is added before jacket extruding.


UL standard PVC Jacket:

Nominal diameter over jacket:0.278″(7.06mm)±0.008″(0.2mm)

Messenger version: 1.3mm zinc coated (galvanized) carbon steel wire.




Buyer’s label and carton design service is available

Characteristic Impedance 75±3Ohm
Capacitance 52±1pF/m
Velocity >82%
Conductor & Dielectric To stick (kgt/m  1m/min) 2.55kgf (10.2kgf/m)
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(20℃)
Frequence (at 20℃) Max.Attenuation
5MHz 1.90dB/100m
55MHz 5.30dB/100m
211MHz 10.0dB/100m
270MHz 11.0dB/100m
300MHz 11.60dB/100m
330MHz 12.30dB/100m
400MHz 13.60dB/100m
450MHz 14.40dB/100m
550MHz 16.20dB/100m
750MHz 19.00dB/100m
870MHz 20.60dB/100m
1000MHz 21.49dB/100m